A Tower for Mowgli in the Land of Dinosaurs

Sunkid Family Ride in the heart of the Dinosaur Land. Mowgli is already waiting for you!

Dream Island is the first in Russia and also the largest year-round indoor theme park in Europe. It awaits everyone who believes in magic. The park consists of nine different worlds and in each one you will meet famous cartoon characters. In one of the fairy tale worlds you will meet Mowgli and his animal friend Baloo, who are on an adventure hunt in the land of dinosaurs.

A tower from Sunkid has been spectacularly integrated into the landscape. The interactive tower, which was designed as a tree in keeping with the theme, fits perfectly into the jungle playscape. Especially since an impressive giant snake peeks out from between the branches at the very top of the tree. At more than nine meters high, this interactive Sunkid Tower not only offers a trip to lofty heights in the jungle world, but also serves as the perfect vantage point when you hear a rustling in the jungle.


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Photocredits: REGIONS-entertainment JCS

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