Conveyor belt – Waterpark Conveyor – Solimare – Moers (GER)

Sunkid supplies boat conveyor belt and access systems for large slide facility

On time for the start of the summer holiday, the large slide facility planned by Watergames & More, with a slide tower and a Sunkid boat conveyor belt, came into operation in the ENNI outdoor bath (Moers/GER).

The facility installed by Sunkid not only contains the conveyor belt system for boats, but also can be controlled by the guests using turnstiles. The turnstile at the start of the tyre slide is automatically released when the previous user has left the exit area at the bottom, through a subsequent turnstile. Additionally, Sunkid supplied the entire electrical control (PLC) developed in-house, including: control cabinet, traffic light, cameras, and a screen for monitoring the activity.

The two tyre slides lead from the slide tower to the area of the former jumping pool, covering a distance of 43 metres on their way down. The bold riders shoot down this slide in parallel on their tyres, covering an altitude difference of nearly seven metres. Once they have reached the bottom, the boats are placed on a roller table and returned to the waiting queue on a Sunkid conveyor belt between the twin slides.

Conveyor belt system components delivered by Sunkid:

Conveyor belt  & attachments:

  • Conveyor belt with belt of the Rufftop type;
  • The conveyor belt is demand-controlled (transport will only take place when a boat is removed at the top);
  • Cover comprises weather-reislient polycarbonate:
    • Protection from wind and weather;
    • Visually attractive;
    • Storage site for boats after the end of operation; and
    • Protection from access by guests (safety deactivation).
  • Roller table with side guide rollers for loading by the customer, and with all-side rollers to remove the boats at the slide tower; and
  • 4 turnstiles (2 per slide).

Electrical system:

  • The entire electrical control (PLC) incl. the control cabinet (developed internally by Sunkid);
  • Operating panels and emergency off switches;
  • Graphical user interfaces (GUI): The operator has the entire system (conveyor belt, 2 turnstiles at the bottom and 2 turnstiles at the top) presented graphically on the screen and
  • Screen for 4 surveillance cameras.


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