Nautic Jet: The only ride in the world with a free flight phase

2018-10_ Family Rides – Nautic Jet – Speelpark Oud Vulkenveen – Naarden (NL)

From a height of nine metres, the Nautic Jet accelerates to 40km/h within just a few seconds, catapults itself across a ramp and lands spectacularly in the water after up to six metres. It is  the only ride in the world with a free(!) flight phase! Water fountains spray up around the boat, making the passengers expect a refreshing shower. Far from it! In spite of the amount of water all around, their clothes will stay dry apart from a few splashes.

This "refreshing" experience, coupled with the alternation between acceleration, free flight and landing in the water is what makes guests enthusiastic about this Family Ride even after 20 years and more than 30 million rides.

Did you know that…
…the Nautic Jet can be applied with printed films, thanks to its smooth and large surface, e.g. to look like a wooden boat in the Speelpark Oud Vulkenveen (NL)


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