Old becomes new: restoration of the helicopter ride – Lochmühle (GER)

Sunkid lifts the popular ride to new heights

For many years, visitors to the Freizeitpark Lochmühle were circling high above the other attractions in the helicopter ride. Time left its mark on the highly popular ride, however, until the operator contacted Sunkid about a restoration. "Sunkid restored our squirrel ride a few years ago already. We were very happy with their work at the time. Therefore, it was only logical for us to ask Sunkid to submit a quotation this time as well," explains Carsten Meyer, the theme park's junior manager.
A meeting took place on site to determine precisely what restoration work was necessary. After the order was placed, all helicopters were transported to the Sunkid Heege "hangar" in Bassenheim near Koblenz, where they were completely rebuilt. In this location, where popular rides such as the Nautic Jet, Butterfly or Tower are usually built, Sunkid Heege makes use of decades of experience in design and customer service for the leisure industry. Therefore, the helicopters were additionally supplemented by some technical refinements to make the ride ready for the next few decades.
"We are very happy with the work Sunkid Heege did. We particularly liked that we were informed about the current state of affairs at all times and thus had no unpleasant surprises. The quality of execution and compliance with delivery deadlines were very good as well. We are highly satisfied with the work once again," Carsten Meyer praises their cooperation. "Our guests like it, too. The ride is flying a lot, until just before we close."


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