Waterpark Conveyor for Loopagoon

Sunkid is supplying a 40.5 meter (133 feet) long moving carpet for the first water park in the world that is exclusively accessible to women and children

Not far from Dammam, the capital of Saudi Arabia's Eastern Province, Half Moon Bay is the most famous and popular beach in the entire region. At the beginning of September, the first large and modern water park in the Eastern Province opened there. With over 3.2 million inhabitants, the metropolitan region is an excellent place for the first water park in Saudi Arabia's largest province. On an area of almost 16,000m², Loopagoon offers its visitors numerous slides, a surf pool, a water playground for children and much more.

Sunkid delivered and installed the Moving Carpet for the spectacular waterslide system. The 4-person tubes are transported to the slide tower via the 40.5 meter long conveyor equipped with the special Blue Eye rubber belt for optimal grip.

Fact Box:
• Length: 40.5 m
• Type of tube: 4-person family tubes: 78 "(diameter approx. 2m)
• 600mm Sunkid Blue Eye belt
• Sensors for demand-driven conveyance
• Incline approx. 20.7 ° (38%)


Fotocredits: Loopagoon

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