Sunkid Butterfly

The world's best-selling roller coaster stands out with a top speed of 40km/h and forces of up to 2G

You can see surprise evident in the faces of the riders when they are pressed into their seats at the lowest point. Barely anyone would expect the gondola of the Sunkid Butterfly to first accelerate to as much as 40 km/h, producing compression forces of up to 2G on the passengers. This makes their stomach's tingle – and raises exuberant emotions in both children and adults!
The Sunkid Butterfly is an unofficial roller coaster, needing only a fraction of the footprint. Its width of only 2.6 metres enables the Butterfly to bring plenty of life to narrow, as-yet unused, areas of theme parks. 

Did you know that …
…your existing facility can be retrofitted with the re-designed car as well? Extend your existing facility's service life and ask for a non-committal offer!

 …many statistics unofficially list the Sunkid Butterfly as the most often installed roller coaster in the world, if they define roller coasters as being rail-bound and gravity-operated.

Overview of the Sunkid Butterfly:

  • Individual themes possible (design, light and sound effects);
  • Adrenaline rush for roller coaster newcomers at approx. 40 km/h and 2G;
  • Also available in an XL version (longer rails);
  • Capacity: up to 80 persons/h (practice value);
  • 1 cabin for 2 persons;
  • Small footprint;
  • Indoor & outdoor use possible;
  • Coin-operation possible; and

Use with expanded self-operation possible


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