Moving Carpet - Bikepark

Many destinations expand their summer offers by bikeparks. Looking for the perfect climbing aid, many chose a Sunkid person Moving Carpet.

Parents who want to introduce their children to freeriding will quickly face the problem that conventional bikeparks pose great risks to children. How can you safely take the step from regular cycling to freeriding? The solution is a bikepark with a Sunkid Moving Carpet as a climbing aid. It creates a new offer for the destination's guests in which parents can share their time and their sport with their children.

They can get downhill in these special bikeparks on one of the slope trails at varying difficulties. In winter, skiing beginners may try out their first swings here on either side of the Moving Carpet. The trails are not very steep and suitable both for beginners (starting at 3 years of age) and slightly advanced children. They can also be used by teens and adults who are just starting out on their first trail experience with a mountain bike.

The Moving Carpet can be used for more than beginners' bikeparks. Bikepark operators in areas where the terrain generally is less steep also trust in this uncomplicated, perfectly weather and dirt resistant climbing aid that can span even a few hundred metres.

The Moving Carpet is the first choice as a temporary climbing aid in bike events as well. With its modular build, it can use almost any available terrain without a lot of corrections. It is set up and taken down quickly and easily. 

Fact Box: The Sunkid Moving Carpet in the bikepark

  • Offer expansion for beginners and families with young children
  • Additional benefit for skiing areas by providing summer use
  • Suitable for beginners' bikeparks and parks with low inclinations
  • Can also be used temporarily for bike events
  • Quick setup and removal without terrain corrections
  • Uncomplicated, perfectly weather- and dirt-resistant climbing aid
  • Routes of up to 400 metres or longer are possible.

Bilder: ©Wexl Trails by Familienarena St. Corona am Wechsel; Sunkid

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