A picture journey around the world

Sunkid Big Pictures

The longest, the highest situated, the most extraordinary and many other unique Moving Carpet from 25 years. It is not only the promise of high quality products, good service and decades of experience that have made Sunkid the world's leading manufacturer of Person Conveyor Belts. But also unique projects, specially developed solutions for customers and numerous records that have made the Moving Carpet the unmistakable original since 1996.

Longest double conveyor belt


Sunkid breaks all records - longest, fastest and strongest Moving Carpet (400 m) in the Skihalle Bottrop.

Highest Moving Carpet

Virgin yoke

A Sunkid Moving Carpet with gallery defies the most extreme weather conditions on Europe's longest glacier at almost 3500 meters above sea level.

Moving Carpet with the longest gallery

Les Deux Alpes

The project in Les Deux Alpes represents the high point for the time being in terms of technical progress. Be it the EVOLUS gallery with its covered and widened entry and exit area, the belt speed of up to 1.2 m/s, or the multitude of features in the monitoring and safety area.

World's longest column conveyor

Vail (USA)

Year-round tubing fun with the world's longest column conveyor for passenger transport.

Up high

Height Adjustable Moving Carpet

Star Lifts USA builds first Moving Carpet with hydraulic lifting device for the entire track.

World's first interactive Moving Carpet

Fairy tale express Fiss

This Moving Carpet combines transportation and staging to create a unique experience.

The most extraordinary ski resort


500 meters of ski slope and three Sunkid Moving Carpet on the roof of a waste incineration plant.

Boat conveyor in use

Olympic Games

Japan has not yet had a man-made canoe slalom course. The Kasai Canoe Slalom Centre was built for the Olympic Games. A central element of the white water course is the boat conveyor from Sunkid.

World's first concave loading conveyor

Ain Dubai

The largest and highest Ferris wheel in the world "Ain Dubai" is now in Dubai. Access to the cabins is via a loading conveyor and access gates from Sunkid.