A strong team since 1996

Cooperations and mergers

After the invention and successful tests in the fall of 1996, the Moving Carpet was already produced in series for the 1996/97 winter season by the newly founded Sunkid GmbH. 14 systems were already in use during the first winter (among others, of course, by all members of the working group) and proved themselves outstandingly.

Driven by the positive experiences, the Moving Carpet was already marketed internationally after the first year, and in 1997 more than 70 additional installations went into operation, including in the USA, Japan, New Zealand and Australia. Bruckschlögl GmbH, headed by Max Bruckschlögl, played a particularly decisive role in the further development of Sunkid. The mechanical engineering company, founded in 1889, specialized in the manufacture of Ski Lifts and material ropeways and had launched its own Person Conveyor Belt just 1 year after Sunkid.

But instead of competing for the largest possible share of the rapidly growing market, Max Bruckschlögl and Dieter Zimmermann decided to merge the companies in 1999 in order to combine the strengths of both companies (Bruckschlögl as an accomplished mechanical engineer and Sunkid with its international sales network).

Under the leadership of Max Bruckschlögl, both the product was technically further developed in the following years and the structure of the company was strengthened with the establishment of subsidiaries in the USA (Star Lifts USA Inc.), Switzerland (Borer Lift AG) and France (Sunkid France SARL).