Everything takes its course!

Handover to the younger generation

In the years that followed, the Sunkid company continued to expand its offerings in these areas and permanently developed the Moving Carpet further. The lift for children's ski areas became a versatile transport solution for the entire ski area and far beyond. As a training lift in the vicinity of beginner slopes, the Moving Carpet increasingly replaced old surface lifts and thus became an indispensable aid for adult ski beginners as well. The Moving Carpet also proved its worth as a connecting lift, as an ascent aid for tobogganers and for tubing tracks. But golf courses, event organizers, operators of leisure, water and bike parks also rely on the Moving Carpet.

Sunkid recognized the need for year-round solutions early on. And so not only was the Moving Carpet used for summer applications, but a comprehensive product range was developed around the Magic Carpet for all seasons.

Thus, in 2009, the company Gebrüder Heege GmbH from Germany, which develops family rides for amusement parks, was acquired. In 2018, Sunkid took over the summer toboggan division of the renowned manufacturer Brandauer.

But it was and is also numerous cooperations with leading companies such as Neveplast (summer tubing and dry slopes), Almholz (individual adventure worlds made of wood) and many others that have made Sunkid a global leader in leisure experiences for the whole family over the past 25 years.

Herbert Zopf and Emanuel Wohlfarter, who joined the company in 1997, have been with Sunkid from the very beginning. As Max Bruckschlögl's respective right-hand men, they have helped shape the company's technical (Zopf) and commercial (Wohlfarter) divisions. Shortly before his 60th birthday in 2013, Max Bruckschlögl handed over his company to the two of them in the form of a management buy-out and since then both have been managing the group of companies in equal shares.