Better than ever

Sunkid Today

Inventive spirit and innovative spirit have always produced new products that have changed the world on both a large and small scale. However, many of the companies that brought these products to market for the first time were sooner or later forced out of the market, taken over by competitors, or failed because the product no longer found any buyers due to a lack of technical progress and innovation. But there are also those companies, and especially in the ropeway industry even a whole series of them, which keep the product always alive and modern through constant innovation and work on the product.

This is achieved through loyal customers who help to keep a product alive through their experiences, ideas and suggestions. It also succeeds through the commitment and diligence of the employees who work on it every day. The inventors and founders, whose values continue to shape the products and the company to this day, the suppliers, and even the competitors, who additionally spur us on to always be two steps ahead.

Today, Sunkid has developed into a group of companies consisting of 8 subsidiaries, 3 production sites, more than 130 employees and 45 sales partners. The group has already realized more than 9,000 projects worldwide.

Sunkid is a world leader in the design, development, production, installation and, above all, customer service of year-round leisure attractions for children and families.

Review of the last 25 years by the two managing directors Herbert Zopf and Emanuel Wohlfarter:

"We would like to take this opportunity to thank the courageous and forward-looking founders and supporters of Sunkid and its Moving Carpet. We would like to thank our customers all over the world for their trust, suggestions and ideas. We would also like to express our special thanks to our employees and partners for their loyalty, commitment and hard work, without which Sunkid would not be what it is today".

Under the motto "we move. you smile.", Sunkid will continue to ensure that innovative experiences will bring a lasting smile to the face of Sunkid's customers.