"Balagos" and "Cobra" spend the winter at Sunkid

In addition to the manufacture of Family Rides, the range of services offered by Sunkid Heege also includes the production of components, spare parts and component groups for the leisure industry. The maintenance service of the trains manufactured at the Bassenheim site is another focus.

Currently, the Balagos (NL-Avonturenparks Hellendoorn) and Cobra (CH-Conny-Land) vehicles are fully serviced. This includes cleaning and maintenance of the components, visual inspections and, if necessary, replacement of wearing parts, wheel bearing inspection and detailed MT tests (magnetic powder testing). This work is carried out and documented at the production site by specially trained staff.

After the work, the serviced trains are returned to the theme parks to be available in time for the start of the season.

Photo credits:Sunkid