Completely new Ski School and Snow Fun Park in Molveno

The overall concept for the area, which is used both for ski lessons and by guests for playing and snow tubing, was developed in close consultation with President Silvio Zenzi (Molveno-Pradel), in cooperation with Sunkid - the world's leading year-round provider of leisure attractions for the whole family - and a regional planning office.

At the center of the colorful hustle and bustle - around a giant wooden squirrel - is a 67-meter-long Sunkid Moving Carpet of the latest generation (Type N). This transports all snow sports enthusiasts quickly and safely up the hill. At the mountain station, young skiers turn right for practice runs. If you leave the conveyor belt to the left, three perfectly groomed descents await you to swoosh down with your own sledge or a Sunkid snow tube. The bravest even dare to sledge over the obstacles, although the ride ends at the last "STOP" sign and the brake mat.

To the overall project

Photo credits:Sunkid