The future starts now! 3D planning - VR presentation - Turnkey execution

For the first time, Sunkid now provides unimagined detailed insights into future projects. With the help of the latest technology, highly specific expertise and satellite data, a planning department created specifically for this purpose now offers the chance to experience future projects live on the basis of detailed 3D planning even before the implementation decision or even the start of construction.

The advantages of the Sunkid innovation are obvious:

Investment decisions by mountain railroads, Ski Schools and other stakeholders in a winter sports destination are often preceded by lengthy discussions and it is not always possible to get everyone on board. For this very reason, it is crucial to involve and inform them as best as possible in advance when planning projects. Technical drawings or the presentation on a map with a few product images can usually only inadequately depict reality and are often difficult to understand for people not directly involved in the project. A project presentation by means of photo-realistic 3D planning enables all parties involved to see the future project live in advance.

Perfect implementation down to the smallest detail. Planning errors can be expensive, especially when it comes to large investments. But even small details are of central importance when it comes to guaranteeing your guests experiences at the highest level. Whether it is the planning of a ski school area, the construction of a Kids Slope, the acquisition of new lifts, or Moving Carpet - ski conveyor belts, Sunkid 3D planning solves such problems before they arise.

Long-term planning plays a decisive role, especially for projects that are to be implemented step by step over several years. Gone are the days when, depending on the available budget, individual accessories and equipment were purchased year after year without following a clear line or objective. Together with you, we develop a comprehensive concept with a consistent line over an implementation period of several years.

Day-to-day business. 3D plans also help with the daily operations of a Ski School, for example. If figures and other aids for preparing the slopes have to be removed, they are often not set up afterwards in the way they were originally intended. By means of the exact plans and the photo-realistic representation there are now

clear set-up plans that ensure sustainable high quality.

Recognizing and using potentials is part of the basics of every entrepreneur. But what sounds so simple is often a much more complex matter in practice. All too often, a certain "operational blindness" leads to certain possibilities and opportunities simply being overlooked. This is exactly where a change of perspective can be the solution. Detailed, virtually accessible views and plans of a certain location or project, which can be experienced from every perspective, enable new perspectives and thus help to make unrecognized potentials usable.

We invite you - see for yourself: We will be presenting this highlight for the first time at Interalpin 2019 (Hall A - Booth A25). Visit us there, or contact us and we will be happy to come to you personally and surprise you with completely new perspectives, in the planning and construction of your future projects.