Entrance portals as eye catchers

The Ski Kids Land of the Ski School ESF Les Brasses has been expanded and completely rebuilt. The centerpiece is the 114-meter-long Sunkid Moving Carpet, known as the Troll Express, with an LED-lit Evolus Gallery and innovative entrance portals.

The portals are a further development of the previous solutions and now enable the installation of a remote-controlled, electric roller shutter. The advantage for the operator is obvious, as a rolling gate not only has a practical benefit against wind and weather during off-peak hours, but also enhances the appearance of the entire facility enormously. Together with the individually designed foils on aluminum composite panels, the result is a tremendously coherent image of the facility.

Special additional feature: In times of social media, the portals offer themselves to the guests as perfect photo points. Take advantage of this trend and create an individual entrance area in the corporate design of your ski resort. Create a unique recognition value for your destination with the Sunkid entrance portals!