From the initial idea to ongoing operation

Where two Sunkid Moving Carpet lifts and a rope lift, the Sunkid Swiss Cord, were already in use, a premium children's ski area was created, including all the necessary facilities for professional all-day supervision of young winter sports enthusiasts. The exemplary "Sunkidworld" for ski school areas served as the basis for the concept.

In the GASTI PARK, a renovated hut functions as a gastro, break and warm-up area. The aforementioned lifts from Sunkid - of which a 21-meter Moving Carpet has been replaced by a current model with a smart i-CONTROL operating system - allow for comfortable uphill travel and safe access to all play and learning areas. Following the example of "Sunkidworld", GASTI PARK is recognizable from afar as a ski school area by barrier fences, toucans and entrance pillars individually designed with mascots.

To the overall project

Photo credits:Sunkid