Mountain summer as an opportunity

This winter season was different than usual for many, as the COVID-19 pandemic not only affected travel options, but also people's needs. The desire for freedom, deceleration and sustainability is growing. Since last summer was already marked by the COVID-19 pandemic, mountain railroads had to adapt to the new situation, reposition themselves and develop new strategies in a very short time.

Private individuals also had to adapt to the changed conditions. Therefore, many looked around for new activities that they could practice in their immediate surroundings. The bicycle enjoyed great popularity in this regard.

Many mountain railroads recognized this trend and expanded their summer offerings accordingly. The development and expansion of bike parks created a new offer for parents who want to spend time and do sports together with their children. Special beginner bike parks also make it possible for the up-and-coming bikers to gently approach the difficult trails.

This is where the Sunkid Moving Carpet comes into play, because it can be used not only in winter, but also in summer. It scores points for being uncomplicated to set up and take down, and for being weather- and dirt-resistant.

The Moving Carpet is the ideal climbing aid in bike parks to get back to the start of the practice area. Where in winter the children make their first turns, in summer the bike beginners make their first experiences in the trails.

However, the Moving Carpet is not only used in bike parks for beginners. It is also used in bike parks with flat terrain.

The Moving Carpet is already being used successfully in the bike parks of St. Corona am Wechsel, in Leogang, on the Reiteralm and in the Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis bike park, among others. In St. Corona am Wechsel, the 90-meter Moving Carpet at Skikinderland provides access to trails for young and old. The lift takes the youngest to the starting point of the mini bike park, where they can consolidate their technique in order to succeed on the difficult trails of the bike mecca Leogang. In the practice area of the Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis Bike Park, the 96-meter Moving Carpet transports bikers of all levels.

To make the ride in the trails of the bike parks even more exciting and varied for children, there is the possibility to position Sunny Stuff figures. A nice example of this is the Kabi Bike Park in Oberiberg (CH): here, two toucans were placed at the entrance, an arch and various individual figures in the park - this stimulates the children's playful learning and serves as a fun factor at the same time.

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Photo credits:Wexl Trails by Familienarena St. Corona am Wechsel, TVB Schladming - Christine Höflehner, Stefan Zürrer