New world record Moving Carpet from Sunkid with year-round application in Poland

Kurza Gora is a ski resort located in the Kurzętniku region in northern Poland. The ski resort has been very active in the summer for several years and so in the summer the area turns into one of the largest bike parks in Poland. Since the spring of 2022, the bike park has expanded its offer with a Sunkid Moving Carpet with a length of an incredible 372 meters.

The park is the latest in the Penguin Group, a tourism institution that aims to create a 365-day leisure offer.

Thanks to the installation of the new Sunkid Moving Carpet, the starts to the three professionally groomed trails are easy to reach. For more comfort, the conveyor belt was equipped with a belt width of 1200 mm. Technically, a Rufftop conveyor belt with a strength of 500 N/mm as well as 4 tensile layers was chosen, which was endless-vulcanized by a local specialist company on site. The system is driven by a double drive with 2 x 30 kW = 60 kW total power as well as a rubberized drive drum with 790 mm diameter. Perfect tensioning of the conveyor belt is ensured by Sunkid's proven Counterweight Tensioning system. The system runs at a maximum speed of 1.2 m/sec. The new and unique electrical control system type i-CONTROL ® allows an easy and clear operation of the plant via the HMI interface. Both the customer and the Sunkid after-sales department can view the installation at any time via remote access.

Since this Moving Carpet is used to transport bikers in the summer and as an ascent aid for skiers in the winter, it can also be declared the longest Moving Carpet in the world, with year-round use.

For the next year, the customer plans to use the facility additionally with a mountain cart track in summer. With their width, the carts fit perfectly on Sunkid's 1200 mm belt width, allowing for easy mountain transport.

Whether for beginners or advanced riders, the bike park offers something for every skill level. The tracks run close to the lookout tower and thus provide a fantastic panorama. Cutting jumps, easy curves and much more guarantee lots of fun.

Another highlight in this region is, the year-round tubing complex built in 2018 by Sunkid and its partner Neveplast, which is also the largest in all of Europe. With a total length of over 700 meters and 7 different tracks, fun is guaranteed for young and old. A 120 m long Sunkid Moving Carpet is used to transport the tubes and as an ascent aid. Depending on the season, you can either slide on snow or on the plastic mats. An extra adrenaline kick is also promised by the Tubby Jump into a designated airbag. To the overall project

Photo credits:Kurza Gora