Plastic slopes in summer

The special plastic mats, manufactured by our partner Neveplast since 1998, realistically reproduce the texture of snow. This type of ski slope is independent of weather conditions and does not even require special preparation of the ground or irrigation systems.

Basically, there are three types of mats, which are distinguished according to the field of application:

NP30 mats are specially designed for summer skiing and guarantee an identical skiing experience as on real snow.

The NP50 mats are used specifically as a base for cross-country skiing in summer.

The NP70 mats are used for accesses and exits during lift transport. In places with particularly little snow, they can also be used in winter to widen the transition area or the lift route.

The TUBBY mats, which are used in the trendy sport of "summer tubing", have so far been installed in 2,100 projects worldwide.

The modular TUBBY system makes it possible to build tracks that are fully customizable in shape, length and size. This not only lowers costs, but also allows for customization to meet the desired hourly output.

One application example of the TUBBY mats is the TUBBY Jump track - the epitome of adrenaline. This track starts with a straight downhill section positioned directly on the ground or on a specially designed scaffold, and ends with a jump on an air cushion or into the water.

In addition to providing the tubes, which can be customized and used throughout the year, Sunkid also takes care of the design and construction of the plastic slopes. In doing so, Sunkid and Neveplast offer a well thought-out complete system consisting of the plastic mats, a high-quality metal substructure with lateral guide bars and special, adjustable steep curve elements.

As an option, Sunkid offers accessories such as launch ramps, braking systems and the popular Moving Carpet, which serves as an ideal climbing aid. Because with the help of the Moving Carpet, children can be transported effortlessly with their skis and tubes to the beginning of the plastic slope.

For many years, the plastic mats have enjoyed great popularity, because they promote children's activity in the fresh air and at the same time provide great fun. In addition, the mats are easily adaptable to the landscape conditions on site and with a suitable theming they can be easily integrated into the already existing environment.

Photo credits:Niederösterreich Bahnen - Zwickl, David Gonthier