Success at the project presentations at the Landesberufsschule Hallein

Also this year, the final class of the ropeway technology specialization at the vocational school Hallein presented their projects.

The vocational school Hallein, where among other things the apprenticeship training to become a ropeway technician is offered, is with about 1500 students and more than 50 teachers the largest vocational school in the province of Salzburg. The school has developed steadily and has made a name for itself with its competence center for metalworking professions. For practice purposes, a Sunkid Moving Carpet has been available to the students for several years.

For the successful completion of the training, a project-related task must be prepared and presented. The graduating class of the ropeway technology specialization presented, among other things, a special project: A self-designed photovoltaic system that can operate a conveyor belt with the help of the saved energy (1629 watts).

Photo credits:Bruckschlögl