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The past weeks and months have been characterized by major restrictions, uncertainty and also worries for our entire industry. But there are also increasing signs that an at least delayed summer season now seems possible. We would therefore like to invite you on a journey around the world. To some of the most extraordinary magic carpet installations 2019/20. A special thank you to our customers and partners, with whom we have now worked so successfully for almost 25 years and who have sent us these pictures.

Edmonton (CAN)

In the middle of the capital of the Canadian state of Alberta, Gallagher Park is probably one of the most extraordinary "ski areas" in the world. It is home to the Edmonton Ski Club, which was founded in 1911. Last season, the club invested in a new 84-meter-long Sunkid Moving Carpet, making it even more convenient to travel up the mountain. The recreational area, which is centrally located in the city, offers an incomparable view of the city skyline and thus deservedly secures a place in our Best Off ranking.

Sunday River (USA)

With no less than three new Moving Carpet, the "Sunday River" ski resort located in the US state of Maine has been spoiling its guests since last season. With 84, 75 and 24 meter long conveyor belts, they are hard to miss even in bad weather and intense snowfall. At the customer's request, the three Evolus galleries were individually adapted to the customer's wishes and delivered in "Sunset Red".

Tokyo (JPN)

The Kasai Canoe Slalom Center is the venue for the canoe slalom competitions at the upcoming Tokyo Olympics. A major event like this guarantees worldwide attention. Therefore, not only from an organizational but also from a technical point of view, everything humanly possible has to be done to ensure that everything runs smoothly. This fact probably also played an important role in the decision to rely on the Austrian company Sunkid for the construction of the conveyor system. Even if the current situation made it necessary to postpone the Games until 2021, the 48-meter-long and 200-cm-wide Moving Carpet is one of the Sunkid highlights of 2019/20.

Geilo (NOR)

Shortly before Christmas 2019, the 114-meter Moving Carpet was captured in an extraordinary image by the photographer of the Geilo ski resort. The lighting design of the Evolus Gallery harmonizes almost eerily with the nightly illuminated Geilo in the background.

Devoluy (FRA)

A newly installed Sunkid Moving Carpet with a proud length of 129 m and remarkable 120 cm belt width attracts especially at night the eyes of visitors, because the new eye-catcher in SuperDévoluy, a ski resort located in the middle of the Dévoluy massif, is equipped with an impressive LED lighting, at dusk the magic carpet impresses with its colorful light show but also the adjacent hotel and its forecourt illuminate the night. With such impressive lighting and a snowy backdrop, night skiing becomes a special experience.

Copenhagen (DNK)

In the fall of 2019, what is probably the world's most unusual ski slope was opened in Denmark: the CopenHill. This means that Denmark now has a sports facility that is second to none. On the roof of the new Amager Bakke waste incineration plant in Copenhagen, a unique recreational area and sports center have been created that, among other things, enables year-round skiing. Three Sunkid Moving Carpet lifts (36 m, 51 m and 96 m) and a platter lift transport the more than 300,000 visitors expected each year to a height of 85 meters.

Retalhuleu (GTM)

In the middle of the highlands of Guatemala, a former Mayan settlement area, the Xejuyup amusement park was opened last year. A highlight of the newly opened amusement park is the tubing track including the tried and tested Sunkid Moving Carpet. Guests are taken up to a height of 13.7 meters on the 66-meter Moving Carpet and can then slide down the mats on the tubes.

Gerlitzen (AUT)

The Gerlitzen Alpe, is not only in winter, but also in the coming summer season a tear worth. This beautiful drone photo of the 87 meter long "Kanzelbahn Gallery X-Press", shows the Moving Carpet in its parade function as a convenient and reliable transport solution on a "beginner slope".

Photo Edmonton Ski Club / Sunday River / Skigeilo / CopenHill PR / Michel Prayer Photo / Neveplast / BB Gerlitzen