Sunkid: directing visitor flows, clocking frequencies, maintaining distances

Hardly any other industry is as affected by the impact of the Corona virus pandemic as tourism. Even though the situation seems to be finally easing, to the delight of all companies operating in this sector, uncertainty remains high. Sunkid therefore offers its customers a comprehensive package to provide them with the best possible support and preventively counter any possible demands or regulations from the authorities and, in particular, send a positive signal to future guests.

Steering and control:

The Moving Carpet is more suitable than any other means of transport in the tourism sector for controlling and directing visitor flows, both in the ski area and off-piste. For example, particularly heavily frequented areas such as children's and beginners' areas can be better organized and divided with the Moving Carpet. The same applies to parking lots and other hot spots, where a large number of people with the same destination can be directed through the Moving Carpet within a short time.

Enabling distance:

Moving Carpets allow a person to stand comfortably on the Moving Carpet, but prevent the dense crowding that is commonplace even in guided waiting areas. Stepless speed control from 0.2 to 1.2 meters per second also allows direct control of cycle speed.


Moving Carpet with a length of 60 meters. At a speed of 0.2 m/s, the cycle time (duration from entry to exit) is exactly 5 minutes, at 0.4 m/s it is 2.5 minutes, at 0.7 m/s it is 85 seconds, and so on. The hourly capacity at a safety distance of one meter is thus: 720 persons at 0.2 m/s, 1,440 persons at 0.4 m/s, and 2,550 persons at 0.7 m/s.

In addition, Sunkid supports Moving Carpet conveyor belt operators with spacing solutions tailored to the individual situation, such as traffic light control, signage, markings and many other customized options.


Take advantage of the opportunity to provide your guests, in the run-up to and during the Moving Carpet ride, with important information and instructions. Sunkid supports you with the necessary equipment, from displays and signage to individually designed foam figures. If these solutions are not, or no longer needed, all these systems can be easily adapted to carry advertising, other information, etc. in the future.

Sunkid Financing 2020:

A Moving Carpet is an investment with high value retention and can be used profitably for more than two decades if well maintained. In uncertain times, when important and sensible investments are postponed due to uncertainty or a tight financial situation, Sunkid therefore wants to help its customers. The Sunkid rental-purchase option allows customers to initially rent the Moving Carpet for one year and then, if desired, purchase it, with the rental being fully offset against the remaining purchase price. Sunkid also offers leasing models together with renowned banks. We will be happy to provide you with a corresponding offer.


For all questions regarding your Moving Carpet, its possible applications and the appropriate financing, we are always available by phone (+43 (0)5412 68131), by mail ([email protected]) or video conference.

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Photo credits:c. by Sunkid