The Conveyor Solution for Water Parks & White Water Facilities

As a specialist for outdoor transport solutions, Sunkid can point to more than 3,500 installations of its outdoor conveyor belt worldwide. With the well-known chain technology as well as two types of conveyor belts with endless belt technology, Sunkid always has the optimal transport solution on offer, even for water parks.

Conveyor belt for tubes:

This conveyor belt is used wherever it is important to transport the tubes from the landing pool back to the start of the slide tower. For particularly steep inclines of up to approx. 50%, Sunkid has a unique solution with the innovative Blue-Eye surface. With its specially shaped, soft slats made of a special rubber compound, the Blue-Eye conveyor belt ensures that the tubes are carried directly out of the pool - but the water remains in the pool. Of course, Sunkid also makes use of chain technology if required, which is already in use for more than 33 km in over 800 installations worldwide. Example: conveyor belt with Blue Eye conveyor belt at Waterpark HotGo (CHN)...

Conveyor belt for people with or without tubes or sliding mats:

In this form of transport, users stand on the Person Conveyor Belt while holding the slide mat itself. The Ruff-Top belt used for this form of conveyor belt has a rough surface to give users a good grip with their bare feet, even when wet. The know-how gained from over 3,000 conveyor belt installations for transporting people - Sunkid is, incidentally, considered a pioneer in the safety technology required for this and a trailblazer for the relevant standards such as EN 15700 - is essential here in order to meet the demands of water parks and leisure facilities.

Example: conveyor belt with ruff-top surface at Pantigliate Waterpark (ITA)...

Conveyor belt for people and rafts:

This conveyor belt offers the possibility to "pick up" persons sitting in kayaks, rafts or similar directly in the water and bring them back to the start. This system is mainly used in artificial white water facilities, but also water park attractions such as Lazy Rivers or Family Slides. Depending on the belt model, a proven tensile strength of up to 800 N/mm is achieved to meet even the highest safety requirements. Here, too, Sunkid benefits from its pioneering role in safety equipment for passenger transport, documentation and verification, and cooperation with authorities worldwide.

Example: conveyor belt for people and rafts in the white water facility Neue Donau (AUT)...

Vertical raft return conveyor:

In order to overcome large inclines of up to 90°, Sunkid offers the space-saving solution of a vertical conveyor. This chain conveyor with cleats is fed by a belt conveyor in the lower section, so that the tires or tubes can be transported by the cleats in a precisely timed manner. As with all conveyor belts in water parks, there is of course also demand-controlled conveying here - if the tube is not removed at the slide tower, conveying is interrupted and only restarted when there is sufficient space in the removal area. Example: Vertical raft return conveyor