The Sunkid Moving Carpet as a logistic solution for events

The extent to which the Sunkid Moving Carpet is also suitable for use at events is demonstrated by the example at the Swiss Post. For the one-day training course, the Moving Carpet was delivered the day before and assembled ready for use. During the event, the Moving Carpet then served as a stage for the speakers and as a platform for various workshops. Directly after the event, the conveyor belt was dismantled again within a few hours. The hall itself could be used again the following day without any problems in its original function as a distribution center.
This event at the Swiss Post shows only one of the many possibilities for which the Sunkid Moving Carpet can be used. It has already been used at fashion shows, product presentations, sporting events and even festivals at short notice.


The Sunkid Moving Carpet as a logistics solution for events

  • quick assembly and disassembly possible
  • delivery and assembly without special vehicles or equipment. Therefore also installation in cramped conditions or indoor possible without any problems
  • variable length starting from 6m, in 3m steps up to 400m and more
  • low space requirement and floor construction (structural parts 30cm height)
  • no large static structures necessary (foundations, bracings, etc.)
  • simple and unbureaucratic approval by authorities
  • indirect supervision possible (in consultation with respective authority)
  • very high capacity (up to 2.500 pers/h possible)
  • high functionality by transporting people with and without winter sports equipment as well as all trend sports equipment such as toboggans, tubes, etc.
  • easy to use even for beginners
  • a cost-effective rental is possible on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Are you planning an event and would like to offer your guests something out of the ordinary? Please contact us!


Examples, where the Moving Carpet has already been used for events:

  • Life Ball (Vienna/AUT)
  • Boomtown Festival (GBR)
  • City Ski Brussels (BEL)
  • City Event Munich (GER)
  • Skipass Modena (ITA)