Wood'n'Fun project by Sunkid subsidiary Borer Lift AG in Madrisa Kinderland

The children's and family attractions at Madrisa Kinderland (Klosters, Switzerland) are all about the mascot chicken Hanna and her four friends - the Madrisa gang.

"The storytelling around the mascot chicken Hanna also formed the starting point for the conception of Hanna's egg ball track": Hanna the chicken has somewhat lost the desire to lay eggs because of her past as a hen in a battery farm. The new ball track is designed to show Hanna that laying eggs can be fun again. And so every "egg" she lays in the form of a ball travels a turbulent path along the 100 m long ball track until it finally lands in the soft "hen's nest" - i.e. has reached the end of the ball track. Children who want to help Hanna must accompany the egg balls on their way to their destination. [...]

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Photo credits:Madrisa