With alpine worlds of experience to sustainable success

Sunkid is considered the expert for adventure worlds on the mountain due to the combination of planning and implementation expertise with high-quality products.

Place: Imst /Year: 2017 /

What do the Zirbenpark in Pitztal, the Wilde Berg in Mautern and the Wunderwiese in Puchberg have in common?
What connects the theme trail with individually designed playground equipment including a water feature, the play park on the mountain with a variety of rides, and the possibility of skiing not far from Vienna, even in summer and without snow?

Superficially it is obvious that all three projects have to do with the topic "mountain experience". On closer inspection, it also turns out that all three destinations were able to significantly increase their visitor numbers in the summer. And, now the circle closes, behind all three so completely different experience worlds on the mountain are the know-how and the products of Sunkid. Coupled with the appropriate product range and in close cooperation with its partners, Sunkid has the necessary planning expertise to act as the sole contact for its customers in such large-scale projects.
However, for Sunkid it does not always have to be a "large" project. Even for small investment volumes, Sunkid does not deviate from its intention to offer the best possible customer solution.

This speaks for Sunkid from the customer's point of view:

  • High level of creativity paired with high-quality implementation.
  • More than 20 years of experience in the area of mountain adventure worlds for summer and winter
  • Reliable, long-term cooperation partners
  • Experience of 7,500 installations in 65 countries worldwide
  • Implementation guarantee (the concepts developed by Sunkid include the guarantee that they can be implemented both technically and officially at the quoted costs within the defined delivery time)
  • Even for large projects, Sunkid remains the sole contact for its customers
  • Supraregional, worldwide distribution network
  • 3 production sites
  • 100 employees and 45 sales partners