The V-Family prefers actions to words!

Without requiring any great explanations, the five snowplough aids Snow-V, V-Assistant, V- Ride, V-Fly, and V-Pizza permit amazing progress in skiing lessons.

Wet knees, an aching back, and a great many explanations, all culminating in some frustration among the skiing teachers and children in the end no matter what?!

This may be exaggerating a little, but it does describe situations that happen when learning the snowplough technique and swerving. This is why Sunkid cooperated with leading skiing schools to develop technical aids to support beginners of any age group in experiencing success, where possible without any great explanations. Five products are decisive for this. Known as the V-family, they are coordinated with each other and have shown to surpass all expectations in practice so far.

The Snow-V gives skiing beginners the personal experience of what the snowplough “feels like”. The Snow-V makes them get used to the posture. Skiing instructors confirm that the Snow-V allows children to leave the children’s skiing land one day sooner.

The V-Assistant is used right after the Snow-V.

The V-Assistant helps intensify the snowplough learned with the Snow-V in motion, while secured by the skiing instructor.

The V-Ride is an incredibly simple, as well as successful, tool that is clamped between the legs, supporting the “bent knee”.

The fourth snowplough aid, called the V-Pizza, comes in once the children are more secure on their skis and able to use the snowplough a little. Placed between the children’s skis, it keeps their legs in the snowplough position. Since the V-Pizza also has a steering rod, the young skiing beginners can hold on to it. This will automatically make them bend their knees.

Once the children have mastered the snowplough, they are ready for their first experience in downhill skiing. At the same time, they are going to have plenty of fun, which is a prerequisite for successful learning.

The V-Fly subsequently teaches the children to swerve “in the blink of an eye”. The skiing instructor steers the V-Fly into the desired direction while moving backwards themselves. The pupil will instinctively “bend their knee” on the side to which the skiing instructor pushes the V Fly.

Would you like to try out the Snow-V? Sunkid offers interested skiing schools the option of borrowing a Snow-V for three weeks! Call us at +43 (0)5412/68131-40 right away and make an appointment for the upcoming winter season.

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Standard version with fixed handrail and nonwoven covering, incl. 4 base fee

16951 / 16952 V-Ride

The clamped foam figure encourages an open leg position

35311 V-Pizza

Through the V-Pizza, the children get down on their knees and stand in the snowplough position.

-> Watch the video <-


The perfect complement to the Snow-V

26062 V-Fly

The V-Fly teaches children to ski around bends using their hands!

-> Watch the video <-

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