The Sunkid Moving Carpet.

The Original since 1996.

More than 3,800 Moving Carpets in

  • 75 countries
  • 45 sales and trading partners
  • 7 subsidiaries
  • 3 production sites

We have become the global market leader in the area of the outdoor conveyor belt because we can combine the competence for all processes of the production chain under a single roof. Literally so: Both planning and construction, as well as production and final production, are located at the same site. For you as customer, that means that you will have ONE contact from the first meeting to the key handover.  This philosophy continues in the after-sales service.

Complies with standard EN 15700: Safety for conveyor belts for winter sport or leisure use

Info: The Sunkid Moving Carpet is not just an ordenary conveyor belt. Developed 25 years ago as a climbing aid for skiing schools, the Sunkid Moving Carpet was continually developed further and is now a transport solution for persons, goods, boats and tubes on 365 days of the year that is almost impossible to surpass in terms of diversity.

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