Big change for the existing beginner course!

La Tania is one of the many well-known ski resorts in the largest ski area in the world, Les Trois Vallees, which together offer over 600 kilometers of slopes. La Tania is located between Courchevel and Meribel in France and as soon as you go up on the first lift, you can choose one of the two valleys: so the connections into the huge ski area are perfect.

In 2021, the beginner area of La Tania was rebuilt and the existing T-bar lift was replaced by two Sunkid Moving Carpet. The first conveyor belt - with a length of 54 meters - which represents an individually designed entrance gate with the cave motif and a bear, has a belt width of 1200 mm and has two different colored lines on the sides. These serve as a sign that both the Ski School (red stripe) and private individuals (blue stripe) can use this conveyor belt.

The second 72-meter Moving Carpet is located directly opposite the exit of the first conveyor belt. Once again, the individual design catches the eye. Due to the two different lengths and the succession of the lifts, beginners can decide for themselves how long the descent should be and can thus test and practice what they have already learned.

Since the existing monitoring hut is too far away from the conveyor belts, the additional terminal of the facility was connected via fiber optics. Another highlight of the two Moving Carpets is the built-in LED lighting. This was built directly into the Evolus gallery and can be operated by a glass touch switch directly on the system. Thus, the canopy/gallery serves not only as a luminous decoration, but also as a protection for the conveyor belts, because through this gallery, the belts remain snow-free even in precipitation, or bad weather. To the project report

Photo credits:Luke Jarmey