New material ropeway for Wiesberghaus

After a planning period of one and a half years and major challenges on impassable terrain, the conversion of the existing material ropeway to the Wiesberghaus was completed by Sunkid subsidiary Bruckschlögl GmbH, Seilbahntechnik from Bad Goisern, and the installation was put into operation. Within the Sunkid Group of Companies, Bruckschlögl is responsible for the development and design, as well as the high-quality production and reliable assembly of all conveyor belts and lifts of the Sunkid brand.

The goal was to extend the existing material ropeway by 1 km in order to bypass the dangerous ascent to the existing bottom station. In the planned extension stage, the ropeway has reached a length of 4.1 km and represents an important infrastructure for the year-round supply of the Wiesberghaus.

Bad weather in December 2021 made the team fear for the start of the installation. Fortunately, the good weather finally allowed the helicopter to fly on December 22 to transport the components to the site.

The Bruckschlögl company assembled a curve support with a height of 18 m and a total weight of 13 tons in the area of the old bottom station at an altitude of 760 m above sea level. Its special design allows a 60 degree change of direction, a curve of the cable car, so to speak.

Another support with a total height of 21 m and a weight of 7 tons was erected 150 m uphill from the new bottom station.

The project was supported by the helicopter 'Super Puma AS332' of the company Heli Austria. This helicopter can transport a weight of up to 4.5 tons.

Photo credits:Martin Glanschnig