Obertauern - A ski resort in a class of its own

The location of Obertauern in Salzburger Land is unique. Obertauern used to be called the "snow bowl", in fact, according to its shape, Obertauern actually lies as if in a bowl. Surrounded by slopes, in the north as well as in the south, Obertauern offers a 360 degree view. In the ski area , winter sports enthusiasts will find a high level of snow reliability, the best snow quality, spacious slopes for beginners and experts, and modern mountain lifts.

The Schaidberg practice lift was replaced by a 250-meter Moving Carpet incl. gallery and a new children's area called Bobby-Land was created around it. It serves as a practice area, snow playground and even has a lounge for playing and warming up.

The little ones can look forward to numerous interactive monster figures from Sunkid in "Bobby's Monster Park" and can thus learn to ski in a playful way. To ensure that the long ride on the Moving Carpet is not boring, numerous considerations have been made. The solution: several loudspeakers and puzzle tasks that make you ponder during the ride. The gallery is of great use here, as it was possible to hang various tarpaulins there with Bobby's troubleshooting. On the left side are the correct pictures and on the right side the pictures with a missing detail. It is not always possible to solve the puzzle under the first ride, so the kids have to go up several times with Moving Carpet and are always motivated to continue solving the puzzles. If the riddle was solved correctly there is a surprise.

Other attractions and activities are scattered throughout the ski area, such as "Bobby's Slalom", or the popular Bobby's Ghost Train. Here you ski through a dark cave and are accompanied by numerous night spirits. The mascot "Bobby" is always brought on board and the highlights were designed accordingly. Other attractions such as a snow igloo, tubing carousel, Hollywood swing with breathtaking views are waiting to be explored!

In order not to lose track of all the numerous attractions, the entire ski area was equipped with individual toucans and columns.

This large project shows how the Moving Carpet can be made as child-friendly and fun as possible, even with the help of Sunny Stuff products. To the complete project

Photo credits:Sunkid