Obertauern - A ski resort in a class of its own

Great fun for young and old

Place: Obertauern /Year: 2022 / Product: Moving Carpet / Sunny Stuff

The location of Obertauern in the Salzburger Land is unique. Obertauern used to be called the “snow bowl”, and it is, indeed, shaped like a bowl. Surrounded by slopes to the North and South, Obertauern offers a 360-degree view. The skiing area gives winter athletes high snow security, best snow quality, sprawling slopes for beginners and advanced users, and modern mountain railways.

The Schaidberg exercise lift was replaced by a 250-m-long moving carpet with gallery. It is surrounded by a new children’s area called the Bobby-Land. It is used as an exercise area, snow playground, and even has an indoor room for playing and warming up.

The little ones can enjoy many interactive Sunkid monster figures in “Bobby’s Monster Park” while they playfully learn to ski. Great thought went into ensuring that the long ride with the moving carpet will never grow boring. The solution was found in multiple speakers and riddles to contemplate during the ride. The gallery is very useful for this since it could be used to put up many different tarpaulins with Bobby’s error search. The left-hand side has the proper pictures and the right-hand one the ones with a missing detail. Not all riddles can be solved during the first ride. Kids will have to take the moving carpet uphill multiple times, motivated again and again to keep on solving the riddles. A correct solution will result in a surprise reward.

Further attractions and activities are scattered through the skiing area. They include “Bobby’s Slalom” and the popular Bobby’s Ghost Train, which involves skiing through a dark cave while accompanied by many ghosts of the night. Mascot “Bobby” is always along for the ride, with highlights designed accordingly. Further attractions such as a snowy igloo, tubing carousel, and a Hollywood swing with breath-taking view are waiting to be explored!

To prevent confusion among the many attractions, the entire skiing area has been equipped with custom toucans and columns.

This great project shows how to design the moving carpet as child-compatible and amusing as possible with Sunny Stuff products.

Moving Carpet Obertauern
Beginner terrain
201 m
750 mm
Blue Eye
45 kW
max. Speed:
1.2 m/sec
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