V-Family relies on actions instead of words!

Without many explanatory words, the "Teach and Learn" products enable amazing progress in ski lessons.

Place: Imst /Year: 2022 / Product: Sunny Stuff

Wet knees, aching back, many explanations - and then at the end partly frustration of ski instructors and children?!

Somewhat exaggerated, this describes the situation that can be experienced when learning to plow snow and make turns. Together with leading Ski Schools, Sunkid has therefore dedicated itself to the task of developing technical aids that help young and old alike to achieve success without as many explanatory words as possible. The result is a wide variety of products, each of which is coordinated with the other and has so far exceeded all expectations in practice.

Flitz bar

The Flitzbalken is a 2.5 m long beam, which can be perfectly used in the Kinderland. The beam is used right from the first attempts. The children automatically have a wide ski position, can not cross the skis and thus get transmitted safer skiing feeling.

Snow Snake

Beginners can also easily develop a feel for skiing with the Snow Snake . The 7.5 m long Snake can be used individually and can be placed in the snow with curves or simply straight ahead, as required.


The Snow-V teaches novice drivers how the snow plow "feels" through personal experience. Through the Snow-V, the body posture "becomes flesh and blood". Ski instructors confirm that the Snow-V enables children to leave the Ski Kinderland a day earlier.


The V-Assistant comes into play right after the Snow-V and helps to intensify the snow plow learned at the Snow-V in motion and secured by the ski instructor.


The V-Ride is clamped between the legs and thus supports the "going to the knees" to be able to ride the optimal snow brake.


As soon as the children are a little more confident on their skis and have mastered the snowplow to some extent, the fourth snowplow aid comes into play - the V-Pizza. This is placed between the children's skis and thus brings the legs into the snowplow position. Since the pizza also has a handlebar, the little beginner skiers can hold onto it and automatically bend their knees.


With the V-Fly, the children then learn how to turn - "in no time at all". The ski instructor steers the V-Fly backwards in the desired direction and the ski student instinctively "kneels" on the side into which the V-Fly is pushed by the ski instructor.

Based on a concept developed jointly by Sunkid and Ski Schools, the V Family consists of several elements that are used in sequence during ski lessons. All elements are aimed at not explaining to children in words, but letting them feel the posture necessary to learn pizza cuts, knee bends and cornering. The learning successes achievable with the V family never cease to amaze even the most experienced ski instructors!

Here are our snowplow aids explained quickly and simply: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLlnwjLSQ3QzF00G47AI82E7gtqnRaiJl8

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