This model is a low profile lift with a low rope guidance. The re-feeding of the support cord is approximately 4.7 m (110'' in) height above the site. The Sunkid Swisscord is used for different applications such as beginner-lifts, logistical or shuttle services solutions in ski areas.

ATLAS plastic rope with welded rubber grips is used as a haul rope.  The devices of the drive and return stations are built into almost closed box, which height can be adjusted mechanically to 4.7 m (110'' in) on a vertical square pole. This enables the simple height adjustment of the tow rope to the current snow conditions on the lift track. The rope can also be lifted, so that the grooming machine can  prepare the lift track.

  •  Adaptation to passengers (children or adults)    
  • Adaptation to snow depth    
  • Easy slope preparation by grooming machine (Raising of the rope up to 4,7m – optionally up to 6,7m)
  • Drive power 5,5 to 11kW (7.5 to 15 PS) depending on length and inclination
  • ATLAS plastic rope with rubber grips    
  • Max. length 300m (985' ft)   
  • Inclination depending on the application up to  15% - connecting lift up to 20%
  • variable speed adjustment with switchgear – frequency converter; adjustable speed 0 - 2,0 m/sec (395 ft/min)  
  • Overrun fuse with bellow – safety device for maximum safety and easy operation
  • Engine either at top or bottom station    
  • Total weight approximately 2000kg
  • Return station approximately 1700kg
  • Height in retracted state 6,3m
  • entrance/exit both sides possible    
  • Entrance is possible directly after rope outlet     
  • motor-driven height adjustment by up to 3,9 m(optionally 5,9m)
  • Foundations: 3 to 6 m³ per station, depending on the ground and exposure; no tension ropes or fences; rope run is covered.
  • Assembly approximately 0,5 - 1 day, disassembly approximately 2-3 hours
  • Permission without own supervising personnel is possible   
  • Theoretical capacity up to 720 Per/h 
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