3D Chainlift for Titletown of the NFL Champion Green Bay Packers

Sunkid develops with the 3D Chainlift a transport solution that for the first time also allows curves!

Place: Green Bay /Year: 2018 / Product: Lifts

The multiple Super Bowl winner Green Bay Packers is the most successful team in the National Football League and an American institution. In 2017, Titletown, a year-round leisure and event center, was opened right next to the legendary "Lambeau Field" stadium. In addition to events and shopping opportunities, the area also offers numerous recreational activities.

In winter, the centrally located Adrian's Hill offers a unique snow tubing location in the middle of the city. To make sure that the tubes don't have to be laboriously hauled back up again after the fun descent, Sunkid has developed a completely new kind of transport solution in the form of the "3D Chainlift".

While conveyor belts or various lifts have been successfully transporting tubes from the bottom to the top all over the world for many years, these solutions do have one limitation: transport is exclusively in a straight line.

The newly developed 3D Chainlift from Sunkid now enables unprecedented flexibility in routing. For example, the Titletown 3D Chainlift runs over 126 meters, forming a curved track of 30°. This construction has made it possible to

3D Chainlift along the tubing track in such a way that no other structural changes were necessary and that it can be dismantled in the summer without leaving any residues.
Another feature of this installation is the start-stop system when the tubes are removed, which prevents the tubes from jamming in the lift. The lift runs as long as tubes are removed. If this no longer happens, the lift stops and starts again automatically as soon as a tube is removed.

Did you know that...

this new transport system from Sunkid is not only suitable for transporting tubes, but can also be used for many other applications such as bobsleds, toboggans and much more.

Facts about the 3D Chainlift in Titletown :

  • Length: 126m
  • Motor: 0,37kW
  • Speed: 0,2 m/sec. (39,4 ft/min)
  • Maximum load: max. 600 kg (= approx. 30 tubes)
  • Carrying hooks: 63 pcs.
  • Capacity: 360 tubes per hour
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