Lifts: 275m combination lift from SwissCord and Comfort Star

A special solution was required to provide a suitable feeder from the parking lot to the ski area entrance.

Place: Saint Imier /Year: 2016 / Product: Lifts

As you can see in the pictures, the parking lot of the small ski resort Les Bugnenets-Savagnières (near Neuchatel) is located very widely quasi "on the opposite slope" of the ski area. The guests are thus spread out over a few hundred meters from the parking lot into a kind of depression, where it then goes in the direction of the entrance to the ski area or to the ticket office.

An ideal solution was found with the combination of the drive and deflection of the Sunkid Comfort Star in conjunction with the bowless ATLAS synthetic rope of the SwissCord and a special custom-made intermediate support. In order to be able to react easily to the highly fluctuating snow depth here, the lift was also equipped with an electro-hydraulic height adjustment system.

During the first weeks of operation, an unexpected additional benefit of this system became apparent. Due to its easy handling and flat location, it is not only used as a feeder lift as originally intended, but the upper part of the lift has suddenly become an employment facility.

Technical data:

  • Tow length: 275m
  • Height difference: approx. 18m
  • Speed: variable 0.3 - 1.8 m/s
  • Drive and deflection: Comfort Star 7.5kW
  • intermediate support: custom made
  • Height adjustment: electro-hydraulic up to 2.5m
  • Overtravel protection: Bellows
  • Rope: ATLAS plastic rope Ø16mm with 66 handles
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