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Economic efficiency
Economic efficiency
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Before checking whether the local conditions permit the construction of a mountain coaster, our customers ask themselves the question of economic viability.

Does the product fit into the business concept? Are the profitability calculation and investment readiness in line? What about transport capacity, maintenance effort and follow-up costs?

The good news is that the Mountain Coaster is usually the perfect "match" thanks to its excellent price-performance ratio, its tried-and-tested ride technology, and its smart 2.0 technologies.

In the following, we answer the most frequently asked questions regarding cost-effectiveness and sustainability for you:

Whether it is the main attraction for the whole year or an additional offer for ski resorts in the snow-free months: Thanks to its sophisticated design, the monorail system of the Mountain Coaster is particularly cost-efficient and easy to dismantle. This is a particular advantage appreciated by ski resorts that want to or have to dismantle their facility during the ski season.

At the same time, the Mountain Coaster 2.0 meets the increasing demands of our customers in terms of smooth and safe operation - regardless of the season and weather conditions.

The unique monorail system is more than a striking trademark of the Mountain Coaster. It scores with low maintenance costs and easy assembly - while at the same time having little impact on nature because no foundation work is required.

Simple mountain transport, also by means of existing infrastructure such as surface lifts and chairlifts, as well as gondolas: This not only leads to significant savings in construction costs, but also enables the year-round use of existing infrastructure

It is well known from other industries: Modern safety features prevent critical riding situations and accidents (expensive in case of liability!). This also applies to the Mountain Coaster 2.0 with the newly integrated assistance and triple braking system, which actively controls speed and distance between the toboggans.

Control your input and increase your output by simply choosing between the Toboggan 1.0 system’s years of proven service or the Mountain Coaster 2.0 with smart upgrades in safety, comfort and efficiency.

For existing Mountain Coaster customers, the Toboggan 2.0 Upgrade can be easily completed at your site.

Set yourself apart from the competition with a unique installation and increase your economic success in the long term. Combine exciting track elements that can be customized according to your corporate design, just like the toboggans of the Mountain Coaster.

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