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Garage system
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The right garage for every requirement

Garage systems

Our garage systems stand out with their variation, flexibility, and adaptability. For this purpose, Sunkid offers a wide range of garage systems in order to have a solution ready for the most diverse spatial and/or financial requirements. The three different garage systems are compatible with all mountain conveyor systems (T-bar, chairlift, gondola lift or autonomous mountain conveyor).

Consists of feeder and parking track, integration in existing lift station or isolated roofing

Lower cost option when no existing infrastructure is available, gallery size is customisable depending on requirements

Special transport trolleys allow flexible garaging, fast and manoeuvrable, cheaper option if no existing infrastructure is available, by a crane the toboggans can also be brought from the cellar to the track

Our projects
Sunkid is one of the world's leading year-round providers of leisure attractions for the whole family. From individually selected attractions to individual overall concepts.

As the world market leader, we know exactly what our customers need and how to find tailor-made solutions depending on the application, location, and climate conditions. Contact us for the preparation of an offer.


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