Mega Comfort Star
Mega Comfort Star
Small ski lift with disc brackets
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For more comfort in the preparation of the lift line

Mega Comfort Star

The Mega Comfort Star represents more comfort in the preparation of the lift line, as the height of the lift is adjustable up to 5 metres. Equally, it can be adapted to the passengers (adults/children) and the snow depths.

More product features

Electronic speed adjustment by frequency converter

Switchgear with frequency converter is plug-in and portable

Maximum tensioning force is 20 kN in the valley and 30 kN on the mountain

Motor can be installed either in the bottom or top station

Monitored rope run prevents rope twist

Complete enclosure of the guide pulleys and the deflection pulley at the bottom station guarantees maximum safety

Installed mobile or on foundation plates and the demountable system guarantees easy assembly and disassembly

Comfort-disc bracket can be retrofitted to existing systems (if certain requirements are met, e.g. rope diameter, sheave diameter and geometry, travel speed, ...)

Certified to EU Directive 2016/424

Operation also possible without towing plate – only with grab handle (on request)

Technical data

Drive power3-11 KW
Conveying capacityMax. 720 pers/h
Conveyor ropeSteel cable (Ø 9 mm) galvanised with disc bracket
Infinitely variable speed adjustment0 – 2 m/sec
Max. lift length350 m
Max. gradient40%
OptionsMotorised height adjustment up to 5 m
ConstructionSteel construction hot-dip galvanised
Flexible and simple

The platter lift

  • Rotatably mounted on the rope, this allows adaptation to the passenger (adult or child) and application (skier or snowboarder)
  • Due to the fixation on the steel rope, the disc bar gives stability and safety to the passenger (no rope twist)
  • Different application possibilities:
    • Platter between the legs
    • Handhold on the side or
    • Anchor in the back
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