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The mountain transport
The mountain transport
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The mountain transport

Due to the light weight of our toboggans, they can be transported inexpensively and easily by means of existing drag or chair lifts as well as cable cars. If no such infrastructure is available or its use is not possible for any reason, the mountain conveyor is the ideal solution for transporting the toboggans including passengers. The light weight of the toboggans allows many transport solutions even by means of existing infrastructure!

T-bar lift

The easy disassembly of the Mountain Coaster allows the use of existing surface lifts even in summer. This can be adapted without great effort so that it transports the toboggans including passengers up the mountain or slope.


Mountain transport by chairlift is also possible without any problems and has already been successfully implemented several times. Depending on the type of lift, there are various systems to choose from.

Cable car

By using special transport carts adapted to the existing cabin type, up to 3 toboggans per gondola can be easily transported at once. In addition, it is possible to attach the toboggans outside the gondola, which means that no transport capacity is lost.

Sunkid mountain conveyor

Is the perfect solution when no suitable means of transport is available, or a self-contained system is to be built.

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