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The toboggan
The toboggan
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The toboggans of the Mountain Coaster are particularly light-weight and customisable

The toboggan

The toboggans of the Mountain Coaster are particularly light as compared to other systems available on the market. All of these toboggans are positively guided, as on roller coasters, and cannot detach from the track.

The Mountain Coaster’s customisable seating unit is installed on a high-quality aluminium chassis with space for one adult and one child under the age of eight. Separate safety belts are provided for the driver and the child respectively to prevent them from falling out of the toboggan. The system can optionally be ordered with a backrest and rain cover that increase comfort of the ride. In addition, energy-absorbing rubber bumpers are attached to the front and rear to absorb some of the energy in the event of a collision.

Advice: The particularly low weight of the Mountain Coaster toboggans also permits cost-effective mountain transport with existing infrastructure such as drag, chairlift, or cable car.

The braking system

The Mountain Coaster is a summer toboggan run that is actively and independently controlled by the passenger. This active experience is the special attraction of summer toboggan runs around the world.

The Mountain Coaster uses 4 independent braking systems.


released by pushing the brake lever forward and thus works according to the dead man’s principle. When the passenger releases the brake lever, the braking effect automatically kicks in and brings the toboggan to a halt. If, on the other hand, the brake lever is not pressed fully forward, this allows the speed to be controlled smoothly.

triggered by pulling the brake lever towards the passenger. Depending on how tightly the brake lever is pulled, the splitter brake develops a considerable braking force that brings the toboggan to a complete stop after only a few metres, even at top speed.

installed on the wheels of the toboggan and reliably regulate the maximum speed of the toboggan by speed limitation.

used at the end of the summer toboggan run to prevent the toboggan from entering the exit area unchecked. In the process, brushes mounted on the track are run over. They create a resistance on the runners mounted under the toboggan and thus automatically slow down the toboggans to minimum speed.

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