X-TREME luge - the flagship for summer and winter activities in La Rosière.
The descent on the Mountain Coaster extends over a length of 697 meters.

In the sunny winter sports area of La Rosière, the year-round mountain coaster "X-TREME luge" awaits guests young and old.

Place: Montvalezan /Year: 2021 / Product: Mountain Coaster

Since taking over the Brandau summer toboggan run two years ago, Sunkid has been working at full speed to continuously develop the mountain coaster. Last year, it succeeded in taking a big step towards year-round use (also for existing installations).

Thanks to a rubber compound specially developed for the wheels of the Mountain Coaster in combination with overdriven wheels and an adaptation in the area of the centrifugal brakes, it is now possible to operate the Mountain Coaster even on wet tracks. Corresponding ride and brake tests were carried out by the accredited test center of WPK Austria GmbH on the Mountain Coaster at 'Grünberg in Austria.

The Mountain Coaster track in La Rosière is operated in all four seasons - it doesn't matter whether the sun is shining or there is snow. Thrill-seekers can sled down the 697-meter-long track at speeds of up to 40 km/h all year round.

X-TREME luge - La Rosière
Length Valley-ride:
697 m
Length Mountain-ride:
270 m
Mountain conveyor system:
Height difference:
120 m
Ø Gradient Valley-ride:
17 %
max. Speed:
40 km/H
Sled Count:
28 pcs.

Due to the design of the Sunkid Mountain Coaster, the construction of a new ride is possible on almost any surface. In addition, the Mountain Coaster can be used to conquer steep gradients. In La Rosière there are even two slope sections where the gradient is 60%.

If you push the throttle to the maximum throughout the ride, it takes about a minute for one ride to go down the track that winds through the forest. Since the track has 14 curves and a gyro through which you experience a 450-degree turn, the least dare to do it. Therefore, the average descent time in La Rosière is between one and two minutes.

Having reached the lowest point of the track, the 270-meter-long fully automated uphill transport of the Mountain Coaster toboggans takes place with the respective rider back to the start. This transport solution creates a self-contained system and means that guests will not have to walk or take a gondola back to their starting point.

To add variety to the ride, light spots in different colors have been installed along the descent. The lights provide moments to remember, especially during the evening rides.

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