Mountain Coaster
The track design
The track design
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Mountain Coaster

The track design

The track design of the Mountain Coaster is customised to the conditions on site as well as the customer’s wishes! The low weight of the toboggans also permits easy transport up the mountain, including by means of existing infrastructure such as drag and chair lifts, as well as cable cars. This not only leads to significant savings in construction costs, but also enables the year-round use of this infrastructure. Another advantage of the Mountain Coaster compared to other systems is also the particularly sustainable and environmentally friendly construction and maintenance of the entire system.

Possibilities and variants

Similar to roller coasters, certain structural elements that have a lasting effect on the ride experience can also be erected on summer toboggan runs. Such structures often form the highlight of a ride on a mountain coaster.

Of course, these are not real jumps where the toboggan leaves the track, but track elements that simulate riding over a hill. This creates light forces for a short time, which give the rider the feeling of weightlessness.

Bridges, tunnels, and underpasses not only serve to optimally adapt the ride to the terrain, or to drive over or under paths and roads, but are also an important part of the mountain coaster staging.

Whether it’s an adventure world in the mountains or a theme park, around the world the planners of leisure experiences know how important the right theming of rides and attractions is for economic success.

Steep curves are inclined curves that the tobogganist usually drives through at high speed. The toboggan and the rider are slightly inclined inwards, which creates lateral G forces that make steep curves particularly attractive.

Photo points offer your guests pictures, and thus memories of special experiences that they cannot document themselves with their cell phones or cameras. First and foremost, however, they offer operators a lucrative source of income, which in some cases even exceeds the revenue for a ticket itself.

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As the world market leader, we know exactly what our customers need and how to find tailor-made solutions depending on the application, location, and climate conditions. Contact us for the preparation of an offer.


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