Amusement Tech - Seating units - Star Shape (Zierer)

Sunkid Heege designs and manufactures the complete seating unit for the spectacular "Star Shape" ride from Zierer

Place: Bassenheim /Year: 2015 / Product: Amusement Technology

Sunkid Heege not only offers spare parts and maintenance in OEM quality, but is also a specialist in the manufacture of special vehicle parts.
For example, Sunkid Heege designed and produced the complete seat units for the Star Shape from Zierer.

With loads such as those that occur during a ride on the Star Shape, the seat units are of quite considerable importance, and Zierer therefore trusted the experts at Sunkid Heege when awarding the contract.
However, the 36 seat units are made up of far more components than just the seat in the conventional sense. A seat unit essentially consists of seven components: Housing, backrest, seat shell, safety bar, locking mechanism and, last but not least, monitoring in the form of a safety sensor system in accordance with EN 13814.

For maximum safety combined with maximum passenger comfort, Sunkid Heege uses a multiple redundant restraint system. Electromagnetically controlled locking bolts in conjunction with fully enclosed hydraulic safety cylinders enable stepless adjustment of the safety bar. This diverse system achieves category 5 according to EN 13814, and also offers the advantage of purely electrical control - a major benefit for such complex rides as the Star Shape.

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