Turning old into new: restoration of squirrel track - Lochmühle (GER)

Sunkid Heege Amusement Tech is restoring the 25-year-old "squirrel coaster."

Place: Wehrheim /Year: 2015 / Product: Amusement Technology

The Squirrel Train was almost 25 years old when the customer approached Sunkid with his request for restoration. Many of the parents who now come to the park with their children had already ridden the squirrel train themselves as children. This was also the reason why the customer wanted to hold on to this attraction at all costs.
Due to other Sunkid products in his amusement park, the customer already knew about the expertise of the technicians at Sunkid Heege. The weak points of the old ride that had developed over the years (rust, damage, wear) were determined at a customer meeting. Then the old ride was brought to the halls of Sunkid Heege and rebuilt from scratch. After a few months, the completely restored track was installed on the rails again and now stands (almost) more beautiful than at the beginning of the 90s. The 128m of the track are covered relatively fast at almost 30 km/h, but three laps are driven here. And that even with "some airtime"...

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