Amusement Tech - Train SCT1200 - Rhône-Alpes (FRA)

Train SCT1200, audio system and access area from a single source

Place:  Les Avenières Veyrins-Thuellin /Year: 2016 / Product: Amusement Technology

The EQWALIZER (Shuttle Coaster) at the Walibi Rhône-Alpes theme park was equipped with the SCT1200 train by Sunkid-Heege.

The innovative features of this EN13814 certified train for track widths of 1200mm are the modified seating position and the change from shoulder to belly bar. This means that the feeling during the ride is experienced as even "freer". The mechanical locking of the stirrups facilitates the safety check and requires less maintenance than hydraulic systems. The technical design of the wheels results in smooth running and a noticeable reduction in wear.

In the case of the installation at the Walibi amusement park, the audio system for each individual seat and the doors in the access area were also supplied by Sunkid Heege as a supplement.

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