Mountain Coaster Durau

A new Sunkid Mountain Coaster, a tubing track, and two new Moving Carpets.

Adjacent to the Ceahlău national park, the winter sports site Durau in Romania’s north-east is embedded into the beautiful mountain landscape of the Eastern Carpathian Mountains at an altitude of 800 m. The destination, which is particularly popular among hikers and mountaineers in summer, has recently been enlarged by several attractions. The Durau Mountain Coaster and a roughly 150-metre-long tubing track were added in addition to two Moving Carpets in the scope of comprehensive investments in development of the summer and winter offers alike.

Young guests and all still feeling young particularly enjoy the sophisticated routing and low installation of the facility. Just above the skiing slope that would otherwise remain unused in summer, they dash down the hill through a flowering mountain meadow at up to 40 km/h. Every integrated wave adds an extra burst of fun.

The downhill race is not the only thing that goes fast here. The entire facility in Durau was set up in a record time of only 12 days. This Mountain Coaster therefore literally is the fastest summer toboggan run Sunkid has installed so far.



  • Use of existing infrastructure
  • Quick to set up and remove
  • Cost-efficient toboggan transport
  • Low staff requirements

Fact Box: Durau

  • Total length: 776 m
  • Downhill length: 444 m
  • Uphill length: 332 m
  • Toboggans: 25
  • Inclination: ∅ 12.8 %
  • Speed: max. 40 km/h
  • Mountain transport: T-bar lift
  • Features: closed system


Fotocredits: Sunkid, Armand Windisch

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