3D Chainlift

The revolutionary transport air with a curved track

Conveyor belts or various lifts have been successfully transporting tubes from the bottom up for many years. However, these solutions suffer from one limitation. Transport always needs to be in a straight line. The newly developed 3D Chainlift changes this entirely!
The new technique not only makes it possible to plan and implement curve radii, but also concave-convex routings. This innovation makes it possible to adjust the lift's route to the conditions on site, instead of the other way round!

The new Sunkid lift system was first installed for the tubing track Titletown (read more about it here). It is not limited to the transport of tubes, it can also be used for many other applications, such as bobs, toboggans and others.
Its build permits many different variations: uphill, downhill, circles, waves, …

Are you looking for a transport solution that needs unconventional routing? Contact us, with no commitment, to describe your project!


General technical options of the 3D Chainlift system:

 •     Gradients of up to 80 degrees possible;

•     Concave-convex – Load dragged or suspended, depending on model;

•     Radii differ depending on model;

•     Lengths in excess of 200 metres possible, depending on system;

•     Speeds of up to 0.5 m/s;

•     Capacities of up to 560 tubes/h; and

•     Max. load of up to 160 kg depending on system and purpose.

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