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Experience gravity with the Butterfly!
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Slowly, the gondola is pulled up before the ride starts. After disengaging the clutch, the vehicle will accelerate to more than 35 km/h and press the user into the seat at close to 2G in the first pendulum movement. After that, the slight tingling in the stomach area dissolves and the ride comes to an end after a relaxed, happy and entertaining uphill and downhill ride.

  • Adrenaline rush for budding roller coaster pros at approx. 40 km/h and 2G
  • Also available in XL version
  • Capacity: up to 80 pers./h (practical value)
  • 1 vehicle for 2 persons
  • Low space requirement
  • Indoor and outdoor possible
  • Customised theming (design, light and sound effects) possible
  • Coin operation possible
  • Use with extended self-service possible

Technical data

CertifiedEN 13814
Number of user seats2
Payload2 x 90 kg
Throughput (practical value)80 persons / h
Minimum age of users7 years / 4 years accompanied by an adult
Minimum height of users120 cm / 105 cm accompanied by an adult
Lift speed0.8 m/s
Maximum speed in the valley9.4 m/s

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