First Sunrider successfully installed

The world's first Sunrider ride is located in the Steinau Adventure Park and is generating a lot of excitement among park visitors.

Place: Steinau an der Straße /Year: 2021 / Product: Family Rides

The Sunrider is the latest family ride from Sunkid. At the end of May 2021, the first Sunrider was successfully installed at the Steinau Adventure Park in the German state of Hesse. There, the ride has a total of four rides. To the already existing Sunkid products in the park such as the Nautic Jet "water bob", the Butterfly called "pendulum track", two Luna Loops, a Wooden Ball Track Towers and other products made of wood, the Sunrider offers the optimal extension.

"We at Erlebnispark Steinau attach great importance to offering new and innovative rides to our guests. The Sunrider is a real innovation and does not require an operator. These were the main reasons for this investment" says Theo M. Zwermann (Managing Director, Erlebnispark Steinau).

With the "Sunrider", passengers take their seats on themed vehicles - in Steinau they are funny caterpillars - which are installed on parallel tracks. By pulling and pushing the hand levers, the vehicle moves forward or backward on the track. Operation is child's play, intuitive and extremely entertaining. Whether you enjoy the entertaining ride over the rail for yourself or compete with passengers on the parallel tracks is up to you.

Theo M. Zwermann: "The Sunrider is used by the whole family. With our four lanes, simultaneous use is also possible and intra-family competition is guaranteed. Once you've got the hang of it, all age groups can get on with it".

Whether horse, banana, motorcycle or excavator, the ride can be customized depending on the park theme.

"From several considerations together with Sunkid, we came up with the idea of a caterpillar theming. The natural movements of a caterpillar can be imitated very well with the Sunrider. In our park, we want to teach the children about the animal world. This ride is the ideal way to do that," says Zwermann.

Theo M. Zwermann:

Our guests are very enthusiastic about the Sunrider. It is used very often and frequented. Also visually with the caterpillar theme he forges well into the landscape.

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